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Easter People in a Good Friday World

Sewanee in the Spring

Wrestling with what Resurrection means in our world, our culture, our existence today, here’s an excerpt of what I came up with:

In our death dealing world, resurrection is what people are truly longing for:

A widow whose husband died at a much too early age.
A man who is struggling with a new career at midlife
and fears his ability to cope with new challenges.
A grandparent who has lost all their independence
and has to live in the 24 hour care of strangers.
A young mother suddenly raising children on her own.
A friend who has been laid off and can’t find work.
A colleague who falls into a deep, clinical depression
and struggles to live through the day even with meager energy. 

People are longing for resurrected life.

And if you and I are serious about why we’re here today, then we have the responsibility to them and the Risen Christ himself, to live in a way that demonstrates that death has lost is power over all of us…that resurrection didn’t just happen once upon a time, but that resurrection happens again and again and again…to point out to them and provide for them opportunities to experience new and risen life.

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