Exploring the Dichotomy

After hearing me lead a group in musical worship recently, one of my clerical colleagues patted me on the shoulder and, intending a true compliment (I’m sure) said,

my favorite Slaid Cleaves tune


“Sometimes I think you may have missed your calling.”
“How so?” I asked.
“Well I mean as a musician instead of a priest,” came the reply.
“I’d like to think I get to live out both…as a musical priest.”

Sadly, that was the end of that particular conversation.

It does sometimes seem a dichotomous life, particularly around midnight at the end of the final Saturday night set when I’d love to hang with the band and some fans for a few more beers but have to get home to finish the ending to  the next morning’s sermon…though one of my hopes is to help shift the traditional paradigm that would limit my “real” vocation to only one option. So, perhaps this venue, this blog, can be a first step in my tension-holding, congruency-discovering, status-quo-challenging quest. Perhaps you’ll join me in my discovery as, along the way, I share sermons, musings, class notes, and the like from my “priestly” role and share music, photos, and gig calendars from my “I’m in a band” identity.  Or do the sermons come from the musician and the band leadership from the priest?

  1. Welcome to Blogovia: been living myself in this alternate (only?) universe for six years now – can it have been that long? I’ll slip your url into my blogroll: that should increase your readership by about 1.72 people.

    THE calling is the issue, ain’t it? We are multiple callings, most of which are not accompanied by paychecks, and there is as much passion in my unpaid writing as there is in my paid teaching, not to mention parenting and husbanding . . . and prowling Blogovia and Mr. Zuckerberg’s paranoid universe that so many of us have made our own little playground.

    Best wishes to you, Mateo, and vaya con dios. Peace, my brother.

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